Can we talk? About a completely new way of operating a car. About intuition and the art of learning something new every day. And doing so until the new A-Class almost knows you better than you know yourself.

A new design? A new era. The lines of the new A-Class all follow just one direction: our design philosophy of Sensual Purity. The surfaces are even more puristic, the details even more concise.

Can I help you with anything? Because that’s all our new connectivity services are about. Making life easier. Wirelessly, keylessly,  completely effortlessly the new A-Class connects to everything that’s important to you.

Let’s talk about trust. Your new A-Class can warn you against an impending collision, help you with braking and evasion or even independently trigger an autonomous emergency braking. 


The design does not follow the function, but the feeling.

Sometimes you see something and know straight away that it suits you. Voilá: the new A-Class. Your appearance is sporty. Your aura avant-garde. The elongated lines are clearly defined. Your body is sensual and perfectly proportioned. The MULTIBEAM LED headlamps also effortless beam elegance. This has style and class.


The lines of the new A-Class all follow just one direction: our design philosophy of Sensual Purity. The surfaces are even more puristic, the details even more concise. Smart, no?

Sometimes everything just fits. The appearance, the character, the presence immediately make the new A-Class likeable. The redesigned rear looks wide, sporty and sensually distinctive. The elegant, two-piece bicolour rear lamps don't shout for attention, either, instead they earn it with their precision and appearance. But that's not all. Because they don't just visually widen the rear, they actually do it. And therefore make loading noticeably easier.

Streamlined, the new A-Class goes against the flow with its raked front. Behind it a sharply upright radiator grille and a low-edged bonnet are hidden. Two real highlights on the left and right: the optional, flattened MULTIBEAM-LED headlamps beam innovation. Visually, this means the new A-Class is even closer to the road. And makes our hearts beat even faster.


The vehicle interior of the new A-Class practically hugs its occupants. The blending between the instrument panel, the centre console and the door trims flow and ensure the "wrap-around" design. That is just as unique in this class as the selection of trim elements and the ambient lighting, that show everything in their best light.

Here one look truly says more than a thousand words. The interior of the new A-Class has a completely new look and you get completely new perspectives as a result. Not on one, but on two high-resolution displays. 7-inch as standard. Extra large 10.25-inch upon request. In any case, the screens appear to hover in the interior. The controls are also very easy via the touch control buttons on the steering wheel, touchpad or touchscreen. The latter is a further premiere and definitely worth a second look.

Sometimes you just need a bit more space. That's why the boot of the new A-Class is bigger. Put into numbers, it is more than 110 mm longer, 225 mm wider and has 29 litres more volume than its predecessor. What does that mean in terms of bulky objects? Six beverage crates, two golfbags stacked on top of one another or a pushchair, for example. That's not enough? Then create even more space with the optional load compartment package. Done.


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