Exterior design.
The saloon. Now also as an A-Class. One of the most traditional automotive shapes has now become one of the most cutting-edge designs. The new A-Class Saloon interprets the 3-box design sportier than ever.

Interior design.
More spacious feeling. A revolutionary A-Class from the front. And from the rear the new saloon offers more of everything: more space, more convenience, just more A-Class.

Can we talk? Use MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), a completely new way to operate a vehicle. Using intuition and the art of learning new elements each day. Until the new A-Class almost knows you better than you do yourself.

Let's talk about trust. Your new A-Class Saloon can warn you of an impending collision, support you when braking and taking evasive action or even autonomously brake the vehicle to a standstill in emergencies.


The first A-Class with 3-box design.

The new A-Class from its most sporty side: featuring a dynamic and elegant outline as a saloon.


Dynamic and elegant outline.

Smoothly dropping roof. Sharply increasing admiration.

We already drew cars on the basis of the so-called three-box principle when we were children. And with the new A-Class we start dreaming again. The outline is so dynamic while also being timelessly elegant.


Sporty diamond radiator grille.

Brand new. And already a legend.

The streamlined bonnet, narrow headlamps and a radiator grille with an outline that opens towards the bottom make the front seem wide. The radiator grille with chrome diamond pins represent a genuine highlight of the optional AMG Line. The striking air inlets in the bottom of the bumper have been adapted to its outline.


Confident front end.

Each line a clear statement.

The new A-Class Saloon swims upstream thanks to its streamlined front. This element denotes an upright radiator grille and a bonnet that stretches very far downwards. Two genuine highlights on the left and right: optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps radiate plenty of innovative force. Consequently, the new A-Class Saloon seems to be positioned even closer to the road surface to let your heart skip a beat.


Wrap-around front design.

Welcome! This is all about you.

The interior of the new A-Class Saloon literally hugs occupants. Smooth transitions between instrument panel, centre console and door trims create the pleasant wrap-around design. This is just as unique in this category as the selection of trim elements and ambient lighting to stage every detail perfectly.


Striking rear end design.

The rear of the A-Class Saloon. The dawn of a new design era.

The new, puristic A-Class design is elegantly completed by the saloon: thanks to an individual rear that seems very wide thanks to divided tail lights. The load compartment is not just nice, but also very ample. Optionally you can also open it without the need for hands with the HANDS-FREE ACCESS function.


Seating and spacial comfort.

The new concept of space: a perfect fit.

You will discover something astonishing when you have a look around in the new A-Class Saloon: plenty of space. In particular the rear will also provide sufficient legroom for taller persons. The new A-Class features sports seats with adjustable head restraints. Multicontour seats are available in conjunction with Comfort Seats. Seat climate control and additional upholstery is available. For travelling comfort at a luxury level.


Widescreen display.

There is plenty to discover. Why not start right away?

Here one glance says more than a thousand words. The interior of the new A-Class Saloon impresses by extraordinary looks to give you completely new perspectives. Not just on one, but on two high-resolution displays, 17.78 centimetres (7 inch) as standard. Optionally extra large with 26 centimetres (10.25 inch). In any case, the screens seem to be floating within the interior. They are also super easy to operate using the Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel, the optional touchpad or touchscreen. The latter represents an additional world-first that is definitely worth another look.



Mercedes-Benz User Experience.

MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) does not drive for you, but it makes it as pleasant as possible for you. Thanks to artificial intelligence the system can learn to adapt more and more to drivers over time. With the intelligent LINGUATRONIC voice control system you can almost speak as naturally as you would to a close friend.


Linguatronic voice control system.

There is plenty to talk about.

Thanks to a new type of LINGUATRONIC the new A-Class Saloon obeys your every word. However, it does much more: it understands you without having to learn commands beforehand. And it talks to you. Reading out text messages, or dictating one and sending it? No problem. It checks the weather at the destination for you, changes the radio station or takes you home on the fastest route. It takes only two words: "hey Mercedes." That's all you need to activate the system in the new A-Class Saloon.

Available as part of the package in conjunction with enhanced MBUX functions and touchpad equipment only.



Never adapted. Except to yourself and your life.

With the new A-Class Saloon and MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) you can do a little more. Consequently, you are not only able to adapt the ambient lighting to your mood, but also configure the display styles on the instrument cluster and the multimedia system display. Completely individually and intuitively, for instance using the Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel.


Head-up Display.*

Typically A-Class, always looking ahead.

You will automatically have your eyes on the road with the head-up display in the new A-Class Saloon because it directly projects all relevant information, such as speed, speed limits or navigation information into your field of vision. Virtually and in full colour. Adapt the contents of the display field and save your preferences using the memory function.

*Optional equipment.


Artificial Intellingence.

Knows the way home. And your habits.

MBUX, the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience, makes the new A-Class Saloon more intelligent than ever before. It learns more every day and most of all gets to know it's driver more and more. It can remember your favourite songs and the way to work. It then automatically adjusts the right radio station or shows you a faster way if your usual route is congested. All by itself and as a matter of course, if that is what you want.


Wireless Charging.*

The smart way to take your smartphone with you.

In the new A-Class Saloon you can charge your smartphone by placing it in the centre console. Simple, without the need for cables and on the basis of the Qi standard. And the best thing: thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) your smartphone immediately links up with the A-Class Saloon without the need for several convoluted processes or having to input a code.

*Optional equipment.


Touchpad and touch control.*

Operation with a special touch.

Imagine you could operate an entire car with your little finger. Perfect, don't you think? Then let us introduce you to the touchpad that gives you control of almost every feature, for instance the navigation system or ambient lighting. The touch-sensitive surface can even identify your handwriting without any issues. Make it even simpler and more straight-forward with the touchscreen. Just one swipe and it goes click.


Smartphone integration.*

Looks like a steering wheel. Can do so much more.

Sending text messages or scrolling through contacts is also no problem at all. In the new A-Class Saloon you can use your smartphone without having to pick it up. Use USB or NFC to connect it to the vehicle. Then conveniently control almost all apps and functions via the multimedia system display using the Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel. It's like magic and so simple.

*Optional equipment.


MBUX Augmented Reality Navigation.*

Sometimes you don't need to change the world, just your perspective on it.

Gain completely new perspectives thanks to the new A-Class Saloon. For instance, insights into the road. The system uses a special camera to illustrate the environment as a moving or still image on the display of the multimedia system, in an innovative and informative way. It supplements virtual objects or markings and thus facilitates finding your destination. Totally intuitive and pretty intelligent.

*Optional equipment.


Energising comfort and exemplary safety.

Be it at rush hour, during a long drive at night or on an unfamiliar route, your new A-Class Saloon noticeably takes the strain off you, particularly in stressful situations. This is based on a concept that makes every journey in a Mercedes-Benz safer and unique: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. Because the time you spend behind the wheel is your time. Time for relaxation. Time to replenish your energy. So that, first and foremost, you reach your destination safely, but are also relaxed when you get there.


Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC*

You won't want to be without this highly developed system any longer, especially in bumper-to-bumper driving or traffic jams. The Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC takes a lot of work away from you and automatically regulates the distance from the vehicle in front. In conjunction with Speed Limit Assist, you can adopt detected speed limits conveniently at the press of a button.
Radar sensor in the radiator grille monitors the area in front of the vehicle
Functions: controls the specified minimum distance to moving and stationary vehicles: between 0 and 200 km/h:
Visual and audible warning when the driver must intervene himself/herself

*Optional equipment.


Active Braking Assist

The Active Brake Assist is constantly watching out for you and can help prevent serious accidents due to too little distance or inattentiveness. The system then issues a visual and acoustic warning about an impending collision. If you then brake too gently, it provides you with brake force boosting adequate to the corresponding situation.

If you do not react, the Active Brake Assist does so on your behalf and attempts to diffuse as much energy as possible with an autonomous brake application. This can prevent accidents or at least lessen their severity. The system can also brake the vehicle up to speeds of approximately 60 km/h, even in the event of standing vehicles and crossing pedestrians. Depending on the situation this even prevents collisions up to a speed of 50 km/h.


PRE-SAFE® system*

The PRE-SAFE® system makes use of the time prior to an impending accident on your behalf. A host of measures are able to reduce the loads generated as a result. The innovative PRE-SAFE® Sound system generates a sound from the speakers and is thus able to trigger a protective reflex in our bodies: our hearing briefly disengages to protect itself from loud crash sounds.


With PRE-SAFE® the front seat belts can be electrically pretensioned in hazardous situations to reduce the amount of applicable slack. As a result, the forward displacement of the occupants during braking or skidding can be reduced even before an impending accident. In certain situations, the side windows or panoramic roof close automatically. In addition, the front passenger seat can be moved into a more favourable position in the event of a crash. In conclusion, the components of the PRE-SAFE® system can significantly reduce the risk of injury.


For PRE-SAFE® Sound, a special sound chip generates a noise through the speakers. It is reminiscent of the sound of ocean waves or a waterfall. When the reflex is activated, the tiny stapedius muscle in the ear briefly contracts and dampens the connection between the eardrum and inner ear. A reasonable volume comparable with the noise level of a busy road is sufficient. But it would be best if nothing happened. Then the PRE-SAFE® functions are ready again to protect you in the next hazardous situation.

*Optional equipment.


Active Lane Keeping Assist

If you cross a broken or continuous line unintentionally, the system can warn you via the vibrating steering wheel. With a continuous line, or if the lane behind a broken line has been detected as occupied, the assistance system can intervene further with unilateral braking.

This path correction can prevent accidents. If you actively steer, brake or accelerate, the system does not intervene. As the driver you always have control over your vehicle.


Blind Spot Assist*

The Blind Spot Assist has an overview of everything for you during lane changes and can detect objects in the car's blind spot. This can prevent collisions, for example on multi-lane city streets or on the motorway. For an additional three minutes when the vehicle is at standstill: if the assistance system establishes that there are bicycles or vehicles in the danger zone, it issues visual and audible warnings.

Making sources of danger in traffic visible - two radar sensors monitor the area of what is known as the blind spot. If the system detects another road user in this area, a red triangle lights up in the outside mirror in question. If you fail to notice the warning and indicate to signal a lane change, the warning light starts to flash and an audible warning additionally sounds.

*Optional equipment.


Traffic Sign Assist*

The camera and navigation data have the valid speed in their sights at all times – so that you have an overview of the current speed limit in the forest of signs. The risk of infringements is lowered because the system keeps you permanently informed. Not only is this more convenient; it also increases safety in everyday road traffic.

The Traffic Sign Assist also indicates limiting additional signs such as speed regulations in wet conditions – the system even issues a warning if the windscreen wipers are switched on. If the assistance system detects a speed limit it can be adopted for the vehicle at the press of a button on the steering wheel. In conjunction with the Active Speed Limit Assist, the detected speed can be automatically adopted and regulated. You can also read off overtaking bans and their revocation for the current route section in the instrument cluster or media display. The Traffic Sign Assist can also detect entry restrictions such as those on motorways. It then asks you to change the direction of travel through visual and acoustic impulses.

There is a further safety benefit in conjunction with the camera and radar systems in the Driving Assistance package. In this case the assistant can even alert you to people on a crossing.

*Optional equipment.


Comfort suspension

Enjoy a high level of comfort on long motorway stretches while tackling tight curves with sporty flair. The balanced comfort suspension provides an impressive mix of responsive suspension reserves with excellent driving stability. This makes your driving safe while at the same time providing a great deal of driving pleasure.


Suspension with adaptive damping system*

Would you like more fun at the wheel in bends or high comfort over a long distance? The suspension with adjustable damping offers this exciting spectrum. The DYNAMIC SELECT rocker in the centre console selects the program and characteristics: "Eco", "Comfort" or "Sport". As though you had two suspensions in one car, refined sportiness.

*Optional equipment.



Just drive as you want to. At the press of a button DYNAMIC SELECT offers different drive programs with setting options for the engine, transmission, chassis and steering, for instance. In "Sport" mode the vehicle is more dynamic and in basic "Comfort" mode its setup is very balanced. In contrast, "ECO" achieves maximum efficiency to save fuel and money.

The "ECO" drive program gives you particularly comprehensive support if you want to avoid CO2 and emissions. The seat heating and air conditioning work with reduced output in this setting and thus also save valuable energy. In "Individual" you choose all the respective parameters yourself. This means that you can select a sporty setting for the drive system and at the same time have a comfortable setting for the chassis.


Parking package with reversing camera*

With this package you will even master tight parking spaces effortlessly. Convenient: Active Parking Assist already searches for a suitable parking space and then helps you to park in it. More calmness is also the motto for the reversing camera, with which expensive body damage can be avoided, thanks to the good overview to the rear.


Active Parking Assist with visual and audible warning of detected obstacles, arrowed display of identified parking spaces in the instrument cluster, assisted manoeuvring into and out of parallel and end-on parking spaces
Reversing camera in the boot lid: display in the multimedia display with schematic representation and guide lines
Ultrasound sensors: positioned in the front and rear bumpers
*Optional equipment.


Parking package with 360° camera*

Relaxed parking. The duo of Active Parking Assist and 360° camera supports you in looking for a parking space, as well as when entering and leaving a parking space and manoeuvring. The all-round view thanks to the 360° camera including a virtual bird's-eye view is particularly impressive.



Active Parking Assist including PARKTRONIC with visual and audible warning of detected obstacles, arrowed display of identified parking spaces in the instrument cluster, assisted manoeuvring into and out of parallel and end-on parking spaces
360° camera with four networked short-range cameras in the radiator grille, in the handle of the tailgate and in the exterior mirror housings for displaying all four vehicle sides and visualising the vehicle and surroundings from a bird's-eye view in the multimedia system's display
View of obstacles below the window line, such as kerb stones
Different views selectable for best possible visibility during various parking and manoeuvring moves
Ultrasound sensors: positioned in the front and rear bumpers
*Optional equipment.



The MULTIBEAM LED headlamps calculate the ideal light image in milliseconds and illuminate the road surface precisely and brightly. As a result you can recognise dangers quicker. Top-of-the-range lighting performance without dazzling other road users: this feature also boosts safety levels. In addition, the light colour, which is similar to daylight, is easy on the eyes and helps maintain concentration.

*Optional equipment


Adaptive Highbeam Assist*

You activate the system with an operating procedure and then benefit from the advantage of the large headlamp range. Whenever the Adaptive Highbeam Assist is not registering any vehicles in front or any oncoming traffic it switches the main beam on. This means that you can see the road surface or any hazards more clearly. Plus: you do not need to keep changing over to low-beam headlamps yourself.

*Optional equipment.


Mirror package*

You can fold in the outside mirrors electrically and thus make your car slimmer at the press of a button. Small parking spaces suddenly become big enough. Importantly, this also protects you from annoying damage. Plus the driver's exterior and interior mirrors register following traffic and automatically switch to anti-dazzle mode: no stress for you and better vision.


Outside mirrors fold in and out electrically via a button in the control panel of the driver's door
Via the menu the driver is able to define whether the outside mirrors are to be automatically folded in when the vehicle is locked and folded out again when it is unlocked
The driver's side outside mirror and the interior mirror automatically dim smoothly in response to the amount of glare and ambient light
*Optional equipment.


Anti-Theft Protection Package*

This equipment package helps protect your car against break-ins, theft and being towed away. Tow-away protection gives a warning if the vehicle's position is changed. And the system triggers an alarm if it detects e.g. a door being opened by an unauthorised person. This is an effective deterrent for car thieves.


Anti-theft alarm system

Extended anti-theft protection

Engageable tow-away protection, alarm triggers visual and audible warning in the event of a
change in position

Interior monitoring system, triggered when there is movement in the interior

Parking damage notification

*Optional equipment.


Driving Assistance Package*

Enabling you to arrive safely. Driving Assistance Plus Package turns the car into a thinking partner, bundling together state-of-the-art safety and assistance systems. These monitor the surroundings, are able to detect danger and then provide a warning in an emergency and apply the brakes autonomously. You can also enjoy support in monotonous situations such as stop-and-go traffic or traffic jams.

The Driver Assistance Package represents pure high tech: thanks to highly developed radar sensors, 3D stereo camera and visible, high-resolution representations of the functions in the cockpit. They reflect your enthusiasm for the mobility of the future and are actively shaping the road to autonomous driving.


Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

Route-Based Speed Adjustment

Active Steering Assist

Active Speed Limit Assist

Active Brake Assist with Cross-Traffic Function

Evasive Steering Assist

Active Lane Changing Assist

Active Emergency Stop Assist

Active Blind Spot Assist


Only in conjunction with navigation (365) and Traffic Sign Assist (513):

Route-Based Speed Adjustment
Active Lane Changing Assist
Active Speed Limit Assist
In conjunction with Active Park Assist or Parking Package only:

automatic moving off within an extended period of 30 seconds in stop & go traffic on motorways
*Optional equipment.


Night package*

The Night package adds further attractive features. Your car enhances its sportiness and individuality with the aesthetic highlights. Numerous elements are in high-gloss black.


45.7 cm (18-inch) 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels in high-gloss black, in conjunction with Progressive
45.7 cm (18-inch) AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in black with a high-sheen finish, in conjunction with AMG Line
Exterior mirror housings painted in black
Diamond radiator grille with chrome pins and louvre in high-gloss black
Front splitter painted in high-gloss black, in conjunction with AMG Line
Rear apron with trim painted in high-gloss black
Beltline trim strip and window line trim in high-gloss black
Heat-insulating dark-tinted glass starting from B-pillar
*Optional equipment.


Load Compartment Package*

Transport everyday and leisure items even more practically and safely. The Load Compartment Package combines additional stowage and connection options such as the 12 V socket. Your car gains variability and becomes a mini charging point. For example, it charges your cooling bag for shopping or a trip to the beach.

Extend the boot capacity in a single step by putting the backrests in a steep position. In this position you can stow even more boxes practically and efficiently – at the same time you retain the seats in the rear.


12 V socket
Cargo position for the rear backrest
Net on left and right sides
Reversible mat
*Optional equipment.


Multicontour Seat package*

The Multicontour Seat package adjusts the seat with more or less air in the seat side bolsters like a tailor-made suit. When you adjust the backrest bolsters so that they are particularly firm, this improves lateral support for sporty driving manoeuvres. Inflatable chambers in turn create a massage effect in the lumbar area. Your back will enjoy the appreciation it deserves.



Multicontour seats with inflatable air chambers in the lower backrest and in the side bolsters
Massage effect in the lumbar region through pulsating air chambers in the lumbar support
Electrically adjustable lumbar support provides additional support for the spine
Recommended by the AGR, a German spinal health organisation
*Optional equipment.


Leather package*

Lend a special aesthetic appeal to your vehicle: make the interior a sensual experience. In this process, the high-quality leather as a natural product makes seats even more sophisticated. Topstitching at the beltline and on the instrument panel create additional highlights. Beauty that also feels nice.

*Optional equipment.

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