Exterior design.
The saloon. Now also as an A-Class. One of the most traditional automotive shapes has now become one of the most cutting-edge designs. The new A-Class Saloon interprets the 3-box design sportier than ever.

Interior design.
More spacious feeling. A revolutionary A-Class from the front. And from the rear the new saloon offers more of everything: more space, more convenience, just more A-Class.

Can we talk? Use MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), a completely new way to operate a vehicle. Using intuition and the art of learning new elements each day. Until the new A-Class almost knows you better than you do yourself.

Let's talk about trust. Your new A-Class Saloon can warn you of an impending collision, support you when braking and taking evasive action or even autonomously brake the vehicle to a standstill in emergencies.


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