The B-Class from €32,745*

The B-Class from €32,745*

Justify Nothing.

The B-Class from €32,745*

The B-Class from €32,745*

Justify Nothing.

The B-Class.

New-generation driving assistance systems

Because safety is sometimes everything.
The new B-Class is equipped with assistance systems to make even easier work of driving. DISTRONIC Active Distance Assist, for example, which can automatically keep the required distance from the vehicle ahead, or Active Brake Assist, which can apply the brakes in an emergency. So you know you and your family are always in the best of hands.


Stylish interior in "wrap-around" design.

Surround yourself with only the best.
The new B-Class welcomes you with an interior setting that is without parallel in this vehicle class. In high-quality "wrap-around" design. The transitions between dashboard, centre console and door trim are fluid. All this adds up to a delightfully "cocooned" feel inside.


Widescreen Cockpit with LINGUATRONIC voice control system

Talking makes everything so much easier.
At the office, in the family and now also in the new B-Class, which now comes with natural, intuitive voice recognition. If you so wish, you can also carry out your most important settings by touchscreen or touchpad. Whatever suits you best.

ENERGIZING package Plus

Welcome aboard - your personal trainer is at your service.
It's good to stay in shape behind the wheel. The optional ENERGIZING package Plus* on board the new B-Class can help to improve your well-being. The intelligent comfort control system combines air conditioning, ambient light, music and seating comfort into programmes which run for severalminutes to vitalise or relax you.



AMG Line / Progressive Line

As you like it.
Emphatically sporty or dynamically modern: you set the tone for the exterior of the new B-Class. You can opt for the AMG Line* or the Progressive Line*. And you can combine these as you wish with optional equipment and packages To make the new B-Class your very own signature B-Class.



Widescreen Cockpit with intuitive operating concept

Spoilt for choice at your fingertips.
The state-of-the-art Widescreen Cockpit welcomes you with two fully digital displays that present a fascinating spectacle. The new combination of voice control, touchscreen, touchpad and Touch Control in the steering wheel also offers even greater scope for individual operation - whatever suits you best.

The second-best reason for starting a family.

The new B-Class is more thrillingly sporty and dynamic than ever.


Innovative "wrap-around" interior design

The interior of the new B-Class immediately gives rise to a pleasant "cocooned" feeling. Smooth transitions between instrument panel, centre console and door trims create the pleasant wrap-around effect. Large windows and narrow roof pillars conjure up a light and airy setting and provide an impressive all-round view.


Large 19-inch wheels*

Taking sportiness to a new dimension: for the first time, the new B-Class offers an exclusive selection of large 48.3 cm (19-inch) light-alloy wheels. 5-twin-spoke wheels in matt himalayas grey, AMG multi-spoke wheels in black or AMG multi-spoke wheels in titanium grey: the choice is yours.


Design and equipment lines: Style, Progressive, AMG Line

Emphatically sporty, particularly elegant or dynamically modern: you set the tone for the exterior of the new B-Class. Choose between the design and equipment lines Style, Progressive and AMG Line. You can also tailor the interior just as you wish. With numerous classy trim elements, stylish colour combinations and lines. To make the new B-Class your very own signature B-Class.


High-quality materials

Every detail is just right here: seats, trim, air vents, steering wheel and in particular the instrument panel. How does that come about? The interior of the new B-Class is individually adaptable to your personal taste. A wealth of colour options and the finest materials are available, according to your individual wishes and the chosen equipment line. The finest leather, open-pore wood or stylish chrome elements, for example. After all, you know best what you like.


Ambient lighting in 64 colours*

With its pleasant, indirect light, the optional ambient lighting creates a unique atmosphere throughout the interior. To suit your personal preference or mood. For this, you can choose from 64 colours as well as stylishly coordinated colour schemes and lighting effects that bathe e.g. the air vents, doors and dashboard in a fascinating play of colours. This means that you and the new B-Class are always shown in the best light.


Because safety is sometimes everything.

The new B-Class is equipped with intelligent assistance systems and functions to protect you even more effectively while on the move and help take the strain out of driving. They can identify dangers automatically, for example, and provide corresponding warnings or even intervene with corrective actions. This means you and your passengers are always in the best of hands.


Driving Assistance package*

All eyes on the traffic: the Driving Assistance package combines cutting-edge safety and assistance systems which are able to identify dangers, providing warnings or even initiating braking in emergencies.
In this way, the new B-Class is able to provide support particularly in monotonous and unclear situations. On long journeys, in traffic jams, at roundabouts or junctions, for example. This is made possible by highly sensitive radar sensors, a special 3D camera and the high-resolution cockpit display which allows you to keep all functions in view at all times.



Parking package with 360° camera*

With the optional Parking Package with 360° Camera, parking has never been so easy. Four cameras present a realistic 360° view of the area around the car on the media display.
From a practical bird's eye perspective. So you have a clear view of everything at all times. Even areas that are normally difficult for the driver to see, such as to the side of the vehicle, directly in front of the vehicle or obstacles below the window line.



Active Braking Assist

Active Brake Assist can help to prevent rear-end collisions. It can provide visual and audible warnings when you are too close to the vehicle in front, assist with braking or even carry out fully autonomous braking.
This can prevent accidents or lessen their severity. The system can also brake the vehicle up to speeds of approximately 60 km/h, even in the event of standing vehicles and crossing pedestrians. Depending on the situation, this can even prevent collisions up to a speed of 50 km/h.



Apart from setting a new benchmark in design, the MULTIBEAM LED headlamps also illuminate the road better than any conventional headlamps. This means you can recognise dangers even more quickly.
How it works: the LED headlamps react automatically to changing surroundings or weather conditions. They adapt the light pattern to the new situation in a matter of milliseconds. Fast, flexible and precise, they provide for especially bright illumination spanning a particularly broad area without dazzling other road users.


Come closer.
And see what new B-Class holds in store: the ultimate in seating comfort, space and flexibility in the load compartment.


Low loading edge.

Plenty of room for supreme comfort: with the new B-Class, convenient loading begins with the low loading edge. The load compartment is also easily adaptable to your needs, as the rear seats are extremely flexible: you can adjust the angle of the seat backs or fold them down individually. Up to 1540 litres of load space are then available. Even bulky luggage will fit comfortably into the particularly wide opening.


Comfortable entry.

The slightly raised seat position in the new B-Class means you don't have to climb up into or down out of the car. You slide effortlessly into your seat. You also have an ideal view of the traffic, which makes driving noticeably more pleasant, particularly in the city. The large windows also improve all-round vision.


Split-folding rear seats.

For large families and little adventures: the new B-Class is ideally prepared for almost anything in life. With a variable luggage compartment floor and an adjustable rear seat backrest angle, for example. For more loading space or more legroom. The rear seat backrests are additionally split-folding, with a three-way split also possible. For convenient and above all safe stowage of bulky items.



Sit back and relax.
The new B-Class sets a new benchmark in safe and comfortable everyday driving. Find out for yourself.


ENERGIZING package Plus.*

Boosts well-being and concentration when driving.

An attentive, focused driver is one of the most important contributory factors to safer driving. With this in mind, the optional ENERGIZING package Plus combines various systems – air conditioning, ambient light, music and seating comfort – into programmes lasting several minutes which are designed to vitalise or relax you.




Enables convenient loading and unloading of the new B-Class.

Whether you want to load the weekend shopping or your skiing gear, optional HANDS-FREE ACCESS allows you to open and close the boot lid on the new B-Class without any contact with the vehicle. A simple foot gesture in the area under the rear bumper is all it takes to trigger automatic opening or closing of the boot lid. This is particularly useful when you have your hands full or don't have a free hand to close the boot lid.



Multicontour seats.*

With integrated massage function for driver and front passenger.

For the first time, the new B-Class offers the driver and front passenger the choice of a multicontour seat offering the ultimate in seated comfort and lateral support. Inflatable air chambers enable side bolsters and lumbar support to be adjusted conveniently to individual wishes via the touchscreen display. The massage function is an even more pleasant feature. The chambers in the lumbar area pulsate by inflating and deflating again in alternation. Giving your back just the consideration it deserves.



Heated multifunction steering wheel.*

A steering wheel heating system warms the rim of the steering wheel up to a pleasant temperature.

You'll never want to let go of it: the optionally available heated multifunction steering wheel treats you to luxury-class comfort. The wheel is heated independently of the vehicle's heating system, to get your hands quickly warmed up. The multifunction steering wheel additionally offers you convenient access to many vehicle functions via Touch Control. This means you can keep your hands on the wheel and devote your full attention to the traffic.


Everything is different here, yet so familiar.
Discover a supremely intuitive operating concept that keeps adapting ever more precisely to your needs and habits every day.



Apart from its fully intuitive operation, the new B-Class also keeps adapting to your needs and habits every day. It notes your route to the office, for example, and can offer a faster route automatically in case of a traffic jam. This all forms part of the revolutionary MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). A multimedia system that keeps learning about you and your preferences. Until the new B-Class knows you almost better than you do yourself.


Touch opertaing concept

You won't find any conventional buttons and controls in the B-Class cockpit. Everything is new here. The touchscreen or the touchpad, for example, which allow you to operate and adjust almost anything in the car using a single finger. The display styles, the ambient lighting or the infotainment system, for example. You can now also control these features directly via Touch Control on the steering wheel. All without having to take your hands off the wheel.


Displaying styles

The cockpit welcomes you with two fully digital displays that present a fascinating spectacle as a single unit. This display unit exudes class and is simple to adapt to your needs. There is a choice of three display styles - "Classic", "Sport" and "Discreet Mode" - for example, which you can switch between according to your mood, the course of the journey or the given driving situation.


Voice control

The new B-Class understands you like no other car. In the truest sense of the word. Thanks to new MBUX voice control, it listens to you and understands you without you having to learn any commands beforehand. And it does much more besides. It checks the weather at the destination for you, changes the radio station or takes you home on the fastest route. Reading out text messages, or dictating one and sending it? It takes just two words from you - "Hey, Mercedes" - and the new B-Class is all ears and ready for anything.


Augmented video

A clear view of the traffic situation for the driver remains one of the best safety systems. MBUX augmented reality for navigation helps you to keep control of things even in complex traffic situations. To this end, the technology interlinks the virtual and real worlds to incorporate graphic navigation and traffic information into live images of the vehicle's surroundings which are shown to you on the media display. In this way, the system can help you to reach your destination more safely and with less stress.




The feeling at the wheel is also amazingly variable.
A tap on the Dynamic Select switch is all it takes for a sporty set-up. Optional 4MATIC all-wheel drive engages automatically for added traction. And two cylinders can be shut down automatically to save fuel. The new B-Class offers a thrilling driving experience tailored perfectly to you and your driving situation.


All-wheel drive

4MATIC all-wheel drive is available for all engine variants of the new B-Class, to provide for the best possible combination of dynamism, traction and efficiency in every situation. An electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch integrated in the rear-axle differential enables a variable torque split. This ranges from economical front-wheel drive only to a 50:50 split on snow or slippery road surfaces or in dynamic driving manoeuvres. So you take the entire journey in your stride.



You can adapt the driving characteristics of the new B-Class according to your wishes by means of the DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs. Depending on whether you prefer a particularly comfortable, sporty, economical or individual driving style, you have a choice of four programs - "Comfort", "Sport", "Eco" and "Individual". The system alters the characteristics of the engine, transmission, suspension, steering and air conditioning automatically at the touch of a button. For driving enjoyment just as you like it.


Adaptive Damping System

For more enjoyable cornering, a particularly economical driving style or the ultimate in comfort on long journeys: the suspension on the new B-Class features an Adaptive Damping System which can adapt the wheel damping and the driving characteristics to your needs at any point on your journey. Just select one of the three profiles - "Sport", "Eco", or "Comfort" - via the DIRECT SELECT switch in the centre console. It's as if the new B-Class had several different suspensions.


Cylinder shut-off

A cutting-edge generation of 4-cylinder petrol engines with cylinder shut-off is available for the new B-Class. Two cylinders can be shut off automatically, specifically in the lower load and rev range. This saves fuel without any noticeable loss of power. As soon as the driver accelerates firmly, the cylinders go imperceptibly back into operation.



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