Long bonnet, short overhangs.

The silhouette of the new SLC is eye-catchingly and excitingly dynamic, both open and closed. The visual main focus is located far towards the back and directs the gaze to its powerful rear. The distinctive rear bumper with its integrated tailpipes and LED tail lamps sounds the stunning final chord.


The new-generation SLC.


Programmed for motoring pleasure. Whether a consumption-oriented, a comfortable or a decidedly sporty style of driving: With DYNAMIC SELECT five different drive programmes are available to you – to suit every mood and every road.


Under a starlit roof. Above you only the vast sky: With MAGIC SKY CONTROL (optional) the transparency of the panoramic roof can be regulated electrically. This way you can always enjoy open-top motoring – even with the roof closed.


Mercedes-AMG SLC 43
All the signs point to Sport. Visually and acoustically unmistakably AMG. Impressive: its powerful AMG bodystyling. Unforgettable: its AMG-typical performance that slings it from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds.


Open-top motoring
Comfortissimo. If you start to open or close the vario roof on the SLC when moving off, you can complete these processes up to a speed of 40 km/h. AIRSCARF is available to keep your neck warm, should you so require.


AMG Line and AMG Night package
Powerful and expressive. Thrillingly individual: The AMG Line emphasises the sportiness of the SLC with its powerful AMG bodystyling. The AMG Night package underscores its expressiveness with details in high-gloss black.


The cult roadster underscores its sporty presence. The new SLC displays the typical key attributes of a roadster with its long bonnet, set-back greenhouse and short rear. 


Its masculine-sporty front creates a powerful presence, which the new SLC radiates even when standing still. And the advanced lighting technology in conjunction with the LED Intelligent Light System (optional) strengthens this impression.


Powerful proportions characterise the rear with its athletically-shaped wings. In particular the rear bumper with its black diffuser and integrated tailpipes signals the dynamic potential of the new SLC.


The centre console is the interface between driver and vehicle – apart from its strictly technical function, with its high-value aesthetic design it plays a major part in determining the overall character of the vehicle interior.


Worthy of mention among the elaborate details are the chrome-plated controls in conjunction with the Memory package or the head unit with slender silver trim elements between the keys. 


And the new sports steering wheel generation with perforations in the grip area as standard or the DIRECT SELECT selector lever with embossed "SLC" in conjunction with 9G-TRONIC characterise a cultivated sporty ambience. The standard sports seats with their exciting designs and new colours are visual and tactile highlights.


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