A Force of Nature Unleashed


The vehicle concept

If the SLS AMG could travel just a few kilometres faster, its speed would correspond to the highest wind speed on the hurricane scale used in the USA. With its unique gullwing doors, the supercar combines outstanding driving dynamics with the high everyday practicality so characteristic of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.



Focusing on the essentials


Engineers and designers were given a single objective in the early stages of the development process: Let your automotive imagination run wild. The result is hugely impressive: A supercar with the engineering attributes of a racing vehicle.

With its purist style, lightweight design and superior dynamic qualities, the SLS AMG delivers a thrilling driving experience. The gullwing doors are a stylistic highlight. They lend the vehicle unparalleled charisma, which is reinforced by a bonnet measuring nearly two metres and a rear-positioned flat passenger cell.


Star technology


Featuring an AMG 6.3 litre V8 front-mounted mid-engine vehicle, the SLS AMG is equipped with the world’s most powerful standard-specification eight-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. By switching to dry sump lubrication, design engineers have made it possible to mount the engine deep behind the front axle. This was the only way to eliminate the need for an oil pan normally located beneath the engine. In combination with the double-clutch transmission equipped with RACE START function, the unit delivers a unique level of performance. It is a thrilling, powerful and breath-taking experience. The vehicle’s outstanding dynamic qualities are enhanced by a lightweight aluminium frame and an extendable rear spoiler released at speeds above 120 km/h. This serves to further increase the down force on the rear axle at high speeds and during fast cornering.


Take a seat


Mighty engine performance combined with dynamic interior design creates the sensation of sitting in a jet plane. Highlights include AMG sport seats with firm lateral support and excellent long-distance comfort, an AMG Performance Steering Wheel and, in the centre console, the AMG DRIVE UNIT with E-SELECT selector lever, reminiscent of the thrust lever in a jet.


The exterior design of the SLS AMG


Thanks to a unique technology concept and spectacular design, the SLS AMG sets new standards in the supercar segment. It is sure to arouse the interest of performance-focused car enthusiasts in particular.

The characteristic curved gullwing doors are its unmistakable trademark. The wing-shaped exterior mirrors are a seamless part of an integrated design concept that also features an interior inspired by aircraft cockpits.

The SLS AMG also cuts a fine figure in "normal" garage space. Its gullwing doors with integrated handles extend to a maximum 36.3 cm when opened, which occupy less space than conventional doors. Their 1.94 m maximum height means that the doors can be fully opened without any problems in a standard garage. Getting in and out of the vehicle is easy thanks to a comfortable 70° door opening angle and the 1.50 m clearance between the open door and the ground. The gas-filled shock absorbers next to the door hinges ensure the doors can be opened and closed with virtually no effort.


An exciting view – from every perspective


Its full-blooded sports car design creates a motorsport feeling thanks to an extended bonnet, distinctive V-shaped front section, large air intakes, as well as a flat sloping rear end and low-position passenger cell towards the rear of the vehicle. The innovative bi-xenon front headlamps with daytime driving lamps and LED indicators not only illuminate the road but also contribute to the distinctive visual impact of the supercar.

Viewed from the side, the long wheelbase and short body overhangs are eye-catching features. The distinctive waistline that runs along the entire side wall and the prominent, powerful wheel arches underline the classic design of the SLS AMG – as if cast from a single mould.

The pronounced curved design of the rear windscreen offers an aesthetic transition from the solid B-pillar to the flat sloping boot lid. Super-flat, wing-shaped LED tail lights provide a fascinating and distinctive night design. As with a sports car, the LED reversing light and the LED rear fog lamps are centrally integrated. A robust rear bumper with diffuser and fully integrated tailpipes ensure an uninterrupted view of the wide rear tyres. The rear aerofoil, when retracted, blends seamlessly into the overall rear end design. As soon as the SLS reaches a speed of more than 120 km/h, the rear aerofoil is automatically extended. It can also be activated manually at a lower speed by pressing a button in the AMG DRIVE UNIT.




Embodying lightweight design, dynamic performance and pure emotion, Mercedes-Benz and AMG have developed a purist's sports car interior for the new SLS. Opening the gull-wing doors offers a clear view of the impressive SLS interior. The interior combines authentic motorsport functionality with legendary Mercedes-Benz safety standards. Revealing a meticulous attention to detail, a range of fine materials, including nappa leather and real metal trim (real carbon trim available as an option), emphasise the exceptional design and hand-finished character of the SLS interior.

Design elements taken from aircraft construction are also reflected here – right down to the smallest detail. Situated prominently in the solid metal centre console, the AMG DRIVE UNIT with AMG E-SELECT selector lever mirrors the style of a jet control panel. The wing-shaped instrument panel featuring four distinctive air vents and the AMG instrument cluster with white-backlit round dials is commanding and distinctively puristic. High-quality sports seats with magnesium backrests are finished in stylish designo leather or designo Exclusive leather and are available in nine colour shades to match the exterior. The classy designo Exclusive natural/braided leather upholstery in light brown is also available upon request.


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