Classic sports car design with hand-finished quality.
The new Mercedes-AMG GT has now already written motorsport history. With high-end performance technologies as well as irresistible sports car design of sensual clarity. And it accelerates further as the new roadster directly into the hearts of true automobile enthusiasts. In just eleven seconds the soft top opens up for a breathtaking open-air experience – surrounded by exclusive materials and extremely high-quality workmanship.


Open-top driving performance.
100% free. Typical AMG driving performance under the open sky. The sound of the air stream paired with the powerful sound of the AMG Sport exhaust system: an unforgettable outdoor experience for sports cars aficionados.

Exterior design.
Distinctive sports car genes. The low front apron featuring the new AMG Panamericana grille leads the way. When closed, the soft top underlines the typical, coupé-like lines.

Interior design.
Exclusive athleticism. The high-quality interior with V8 centre console links dynamism and exclusivity. Optional, air-conditioned AMG Performance seats featuring AIRSCARF create open-air comfort. 

Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster.
100% wild. The Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster leads thanks to the excellent power its AMG V8 engine delivers. The AMG steered rear axle ensures greater agility or increased handing stability, depending on the situation. 

AMG ceramic composite braking.
Performance under control. The shortest possible braking distances, an accurate pressure point, maximum durability: AMG ceramic high-performance composite brakes convince with 40% less weight compared with conventional brake discs.


With its classic sports car proportions the new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster produces enormous drawing power – with a very long bonnet which stretches towards the front and a short, powerful rear. The soft-top blends elegantly into the car's silhouette and when it is closed it traces coupé countours.  

Its motorsport heritage is literally written on the face of the new Mercedes-AMG Roadster: th new AMG Panamericana grill in high-gloss chrome distinguishes the low-edged front apron. Further highlights in the front are the LED high-performance headlamps with a sporty and distinctive look and a light design typical of Mercedes-Benz. From the side observers will be amazed by the high-quality three-layered fabric top. When it is closed it highlights the light, puristic impression and provides a harmonious line like that of the coupé. 

Special features of the rear design are the rear apron with diffuser insert in matt black and trim in matt iridium silver, the integral chrome-plated tailpipe trim and the centrally placed LED reversing lights and front fog lamps. The indicator in the LED tail lights are equipped with an innovative flashing light effect. For a palpably higher negative lift force the rear aerofoil can also be electrically extended.


The interior is reminiscent of an aeroplane cockpit – a breath-taking effect even when the soft top is open. A particularly distinctive feature is the deep seat position next to the centre console which has a V8-style design. The workmanship in the material is visual and tactile evidence of the level of the production facility.

The standard-fit AMG sports seats with upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather/black fabric provide exactly the right support which you need in the new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster. At the same time you'll feel comfortable on long journeys. You get a true feeling of racing when you have the AMG Performance steering wheel in your hands. With a flattened lower section and perforations in the grip area it provides plenty of grip and control. 

Even the AMG instrument cluster contributes a certain racing flair, in part due to an upshift indicator in M mode with white-yellow-red LEDs. The AMG Drive Unit with four AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive programmes is the central connection point for the individual vehicle set-up. For amazingly good open-top ride comfort, climatised seats and AIRSCARF neck-level heating can be included as an option - which are available for the first time in the Mercedes-AMG GT for the AMG Performance seats.


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