The new GLE

The new GLE

All kinds of new strength.

The new GLE

The new GLE

All kinds of strength

The GLE.

Its size isn’t what you see. It’s what you will feel, hear and experience: the new GLE understands your natural speech and learns your habits. It actively looks after the well-being of up to seven vehicle occupants.


Stories that make the new GLE so special.
The new GLE is packed full of innovations. With the focus always on you.


ENERGIZING comfort control with the new ENERGIZING COACH.

Empathy. An expression of inner strength.

The new GLE offers a level of comfort to which you could see yourself becoming accustomed.


Extend your guest list.

Flexibility. An expression of inner strength.

For the first time, the new GLE is now optionally available with a third seat row, offering space for two further passengers.


More comfort than you could ever imagine.

Adaptable. An expression of inner strength.

Ready for anything. With more space in the rear and a row of seats that folds down.

Ready for anything. With more space in the rear and a row of seats that folds down.

Third row of seats.
The new GLE from a different perspective: the optional third row of seats offers you space for up to seven vehicle occupants with just a few movements.  


Widescreen Cockpit.
Enjoy infotainment content on two 31.2 cm (12.3-inch) HD displays. In an elegant design: the luxurious Widescreen Cockpit.


Optimised space concept.
Experience even more comfort in the rear compartment thanks to an extended wheelbase. And use the expanded load compartment space.


Ambient lighting.
Calling all style aficionados: select from 64 different colour tones and create personal accents in the interior of the new GLE.


AMG interior.
Performance right down to the smallest of details. Optional AMG equipment features make the interior even more luxurious.


Centre console.
The characteristic centre console of the new GLE features a striking design and intuitive operation.

Dynamic design.
The shining new radiator grille underlines the strikingly sporty front end of the new GLE.


The optional fully active electro-hydraulic suspension can counteract unevenness in the road during driving, and thus ensures maximum comfort.


Evasive Steering Assist.
As an optional extension to the previous safety and assistance systems, the GLE can now support the driver with active evasive manoeuvres.


AMG Line.
Maximum expressivity. Minimum air resistance. With the optional AMG Line.


Parking package with 360° camera.
Enjoy a complete overview during all parking manoeuvres. The optional Parking package with 360° camera offers you a seamless all-round view.


22″ wheels.
Four wheels like you’ve never seen them before. With sizes up 22″, they are more exclusive and bigger than ever before.

The new GLE speaks your language. With the “Hey Mercedes” command, you can activate voice recognition which is even in a position to recognise dialects.


Widescreen display.
Literally call up the information which you wish to see and select the display style of the digital instruments.


Touch-based operating concept.

A calming word will suffice. Have the most important settings of the GLE activated with ease and intuition using either the touchscreen or the Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel.

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