The new GLC.

The new GLC.

All kinds of strength.

The GLC.

A strong character with new facets.

A great new cockpit, an even more striking SUV design, and outstanding ride comfort await you.


Commanding presence from a standing start.

A more striking radiator grille, more elegant chrome elements, and more slender headlamps lend the front end of the new GLC an even more commanding SUV-style presence.


Streets ahead on the digital front, too: the new cockpit.

A touchscreen, a touchpad and Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel bring a whole new meaning to vehicle control. Like second nature thanks to MBUX - with intuitive touches, voice control and gestures.


Pep yourself up: courtesy of optional ENERGIZING packages.

There are a wealth of options for boosting your well-being in the new GLC. For this, optional ENERGIZING packages network various comfort systems to create revitalisation or relaxation programs lasting several minutes.


Comfort on all levels and all gradients. With AIR BODY CONTROL.

The new GLC is at one with itself and the road. The optional AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension makes it seem like the car is gliding over the road and creates an ideal balance between stability, comfort and dynamism.


Powerful looks from front to rear.

The new GLC exudes confidence with its taut contours and sensually clean lines from front to rear, where self-assurance meets power and new tailpipe trims are combined with an even more expressive rear apron.


Dynamism meets efficiency: the new engines.

There is a choice of new, efficient diesel engines and electrified petrol engines with EQ Boost. An electric starter generator produces additional torque: the boost effect.

Come on in! The new GLC has plenty of surprises in store.

A whole new way of operating a vehicle. Simple. Intuitive. By gestures, touch and words. This isMBUX - the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience.


MBUX touch control concept.
So absorbing that it's hard to leave alone.
The sophisticated MBUX touch control concept lets you determine exactly what it shows you and how you control it. As intuitively as on a smartphone. Either by hand gestures on the new touchpad, using the Touch Control buttons on the new steering wheel, or on the touchscreen. The choice is yours.


MBUX voice control.
It's always best to talk.
The MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Experience) infotainment system with intuitive voice control is optionally available for the new GLC. It understands what you say and obeys your commands using natural speech recognition. It takes only two words: "Hey Mercedes." And the new GLC is all ears.


Head-up Display.
Always looking ahead: toward the Head-up Display.
The optional Head-up Display transforms the windscreen of the new GLC into an alluring digital display. Here you can see all important information in high resolution and in colour. Without taking your eyes off the road. So you can stay focused on the road at all times.


No wires. No worries. Just a fully charged battery.
* You can now charge your compatible smartphone conveniently and wirelessly in the new GLC. Simply place it in the centre console's stowage area. The multimedia system recognises your mobile phone automatically, and charging starts. The system recognises all compatible devices, regardless of make and model.



Smartphone Integration.
Your smartphone in the new GLC. Your hands stay on the wheel.
* Fully contactless operation of your smartphone is possible in the new GLC. Once it is connected via Bluetooth, NFC or USB cable, your numerous apps and functions appear on the media display, where you can control them conveniently using voice commands or touch controls.


Treat your eyes to something special.

More poised, assured and powerful than ever, the new GLC now exudes even more SUV-style presence without being overly imposing. A purer and more sensual expression of modern luxury is hard to imagine.


Front-end design.

A new expression of dominance: the front end.

The radiator grille, front apron and headlamps feature a new design, lending the front end even more power and dynamism. In addition to this, the new GLC already includes LED High Performance headlamps as standard.


Rear-end design.

Way out in front, even at the rear.

Even the rear leads the way. The new design of the bumpers and the sporty SUV tailpipe trims are immediately apparent here. And the flattened tail lights feature LEDs as standard for the first time.


Sportier AMG Line.

Now even sportier: the new AMG Line.

The new GLC with optional AMG Line is especially dynamic. Highlights include the exclusive AMG bodystyling, the diamond radiator grille with pins in chrome, and fine AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels.


Wheel design.

Alluring wheel designs from 43.2 cm (17-inch) to 50.8 cm (20-inch).

From elegant to sporty: the new GLC now offers you a wider range of exclusive wheels featuring a wealth of new designs. All underpinned by the hallmark Mercedes-Benz quality you expect, of course.


Welcome to the new GLC.

A generously appointed and refined interior welcomes you. Everything here has a higher purpose: to make your time on board as pleasant and straightforward as possible. In a more absorbingly sophisticated and intelligent way than ever before.


ENEGIZING packages

Sit back and relax. Enjoy the new ENERGIZING packages.

Whether on long trips with the family or on the commute to the office, the new GLC helps you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and relaxed. For this, the optional ENERGIZING packages combine several systems - such as climate control, lighting, sound, fragrancing and seating comfort, depending on the vehicle equipment - into revitalising or relaxing programs that run for several minutes. On request multicontour seats additionally treat you to a luxury massage in keeping with your selected program.


New touch control concept.

It's all in your hands. Or at the tip of a single finger in the new GLC.

Now you can control and adjust almost everything intuitively using just one finger in the new GLC. Like on a smartphone. For this there is the option of a large touchscreen up to 26 cm (10.25 inches), the new touchpad in the centre console, and the Touch Control buttons on the new steering wheel. One touch is all it takes to freely adjust the display style, the ambient lighting or the infotainment system to your taste.


Fully digital diplays.

Freely floating and freely individualisable: the new touchscreen.

The new GLC now features a 17.8 cm (7-inch) high-resolution media display with touch function as standard and, for the first time, the option of a fully digital instrument cluster with navigation display. Furthermore, the intuitive MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) gives you more freedom than ever when it comes to the controls. You can individualise the displays thanks to a choice of display styles and topics: using the touch controls, voice commands, or even simple gestures.


Sport seats.

More gripping than ever:
the new AMG Line sports seats.

The new optional AMG Line sports seats offer you appreciably more lateral support and comfort, particularly when driving at high speed. Visual highlights include the fine two-tone upholstery in cranberry red and black ARTICO made-made leather as well as the unique and exciting AMG design.


Burmester® surround sound system.

A surround sound system with the emphasis on first class.

The optionally available Burmester® surround sound system turns your new GLC into a unique acoustic experience. The system is based on a wealth of perfectly orchestrated components that have been fine-tuned to the vehicle interior: 13 high-performance speakers, Frontbass technology, and a 9-channel DSP amplifier with a total output of 590 watts. For outstanding sonic quality with high sound-level reserves.

Only the new GLC handles like this.

Adaptive suspension systems, all-wheel drive, and electrified engines. All of this is possible for the new GLC.


Adaptive suspension systems.

Allow us to smooth the way for you.

The new GLC not only adapts to the road surface, it also responds to your requirements: the AGILITY CONTROL suspension, configured for outstanding ride comfort, comes as standard. Also available as an option: 4MATIC all-wheel drive and the exceptionally sporty DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension with steel springs and adjustable damping. Absolute highlight: the AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension for exceptional driving stability coupled with outstanding comfort and agility.


All-wheel drive.

Our number one on all four wheels: 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

When starting off, accelerating, cornering at speed, or driving on light off-road terrain, the 4MATIC enhanced permanent all-wheel drive from Mercedes-Benz, available as standard for many of the new GLC model variants, delivers outstanding off-road performance and optimum traction. The all-wheel-drive system is constantly active and does not require any time to react and intervene. In this way it ensures unique directional and driving stability, especially on slippery surfaces due to rain, ice or snow.


Engine technoligies.

Powerfully into the future with EQ Boost.

The electrified petrol engines with EQ Boost in a choice of two power outputs are ready for action. A belt-driven starter generator with 48-volt starter generator and on-board electrical system generates additional torque for dynamic performance. In addition to this, the battery is charged during deceleration, and it is possible to glide almost silently while consuming less fuel in gliding mode. Furthermore, the GLC now features a new generation of efficient diesel engines with a choice of power outputs, all of which are compliant with the latest Euro 6d-TEMP emission standard.





Counters the slightest of risks with immense intelligence.

Whatever happens: the new GLC can protect its occupants more precisely and intelligently than ever before.


Driving Assistance package.

Your added safety. The Driving Assistance package

The new GLC with optional Driving Assistance package can help you stay in lane or change lanes, maintain the desired distance to the vehicle in front, and even brake autonomously in an emergency.
This is thanks to a wealth of intelligently networked safety and assistance systems that relieve and assist you, particularly in monotonous or tricky driving conditions In traffic jams or at roundabouts or junctions, for example. You and your passengers are always in the best of hands.



Just look -84 highlights in one!

The optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps adapt automatically to the surroundings. With 84 LEDs, they illuminate the road better than any conventional headlamp. This means you can recognise dangers even more quickly.

Parking package with 360° camera.

Even the tightest parking spaces are no problem at all.

Four cameras create a virtual 360° image of the new GLC, shown to you from a bird's-eye view on the media display. Parking becomes noticeably easier.*



Trailer Manoeuvring assist.

Manoeuvring its way to the top of the wish list.

The optional Trailer Manoeuvring Assist makes even difficult reversing manoeuvres child's play. Thanks to precise sensor technology and a 360° view of the surroundings on the media display.


Assistance Systems

Exemplary safety with Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive systems.

During rush hour, on long drives at night, or on unfamiliar routes – your new GLC noticeably takes the strain out of driving, particularly in stressful situations. This is based on a concept that makes every journey in a Mercedes-Benz safer and unique: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. Because the time you spend behind the wheel is your time. Time for relaxation. Time to replenish your energy. So that, first and foremost, you reach your destination safely, but are also relaxed when you get there.


Driving assistance and safety.

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

You won't want to be without this highly developed system any longer, especially in bumper-to-bumper driving or traffic jams. The optional Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC takes a lot of work away from you and automatically regulates the distance from the vehicle in front. In conjunction with Speed Limit Assist, you can adopt detected speed limits conveniently at the press of a button.


Active Braking Assist

Active Brake Assist can help to avoid rear-end collisions with vehicles in front or stationary vehicles as well as accidents with moving pedestrians and cyclists. As part of this, in addition to distance and collision warning, it primarily also offers braking assistance – right up to autonomous emergency braking.


Trailer Manoeuvring Assist

Save time and hassle when manoeuvring: with the optional Trailer Manoeuvring Assist you can complete reversing manoeuvres confidently, precisely and calmly – even in difficult situations. For inexperienced drivers of car/trailer combinations in particular, the assisted steering is a genuine help.

Trailer Manoeuvring Assist controls the steering angle of the towing vehicle in an automated manner at a limited speed of up to 5 km/h. A so-called articulation angle sensor supplies the necessary information. You activate the assist system when stationary by engaging reverse gear and pressing the park button on the left next to the touchpad in the centre console. As soon as you have aligned the car/trailer combination by briefly driving forward in a straight line, the system is ready to use.


PRE-SAFE® system

The PRE-SAFE® system makes use of the time prior to an impending accident on your behalf. A host of measures are able to reduce the loads generated as a result. The innovative PRE-SAFE® Sound generates a noise from the speakers which is able to trigger a natural protective reflex: this protects the inner ear by damping the accident noise.


Blind Spot Assist

The optionally available Blind Spot Assist takes a very close look for you – in particular as soon as you actuate the turn indicator. The system is thus able to give you a visual and audible warning of side collisions with other road users in the blind spot. After your trip, the system still remains alert and warns you if you open the door at the wrong time.


Traffic Sign Assist

Keeping an eye out for you: thanks to intelligent linking of camera and map data, the optional Traffic Sign Assist is not only able to detect speed limits, overtaking restrictions and when they are lifted. It also shows no entry restrictions and warns you against incorrectly entering roads against the flow of traffic.


Driving Assistance package

Take to the road leading to autonomous driving: the latest systems support you based on the situation with speed adjustment, steering, changing lane, and even when there is a risk of a collision. The risk of an accident is reduced – passengers and road users are effectively protected. This way you are able to reach your destination relaxed and safe.

Components and functions exclusive to the optional Driving Assistance package are indicated with an asterisk (*):

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC (233)
Active Speed Limit Assist* (546)
Extended restart function on motorways*
Route-Based Speed Adjustment
Active Steering Assist*
Active Lane Changing Assist*
Active Emergency Stop Assist with SOS function*
Emergency lane function*
Active Braking Assist
Cross-traffic function*
Congestion emergency braking function*
Evasive Steering Assist*
Active Lane Keeping Assist (238)
Active Blind Spot Assist* (237)
Exit warning function



Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC

Turn the stress of tight parking spaces into effortless calm. Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC is not only able to find suitable parking spaces – it also helps you to enter and leave them. As part of this it helps you with steering, and on vehicles with automatic transmission also with accelerating, braking and changing gear.


Parking Package with reversing camera

This package gives you a choice: park the vehicle yourself – or avoid the stress and have it parked for you. Practical support already starts when looking for and selecting a parking space. Once detected, you can manoeuvre into it effortlessly thanks to the reversing camera or enjoy the support of Active Parking Assist when manoeuvring in and out.

This assistant can help you with various tasks involved in manoeuvring into and out of parking spaces: the system indicates, steers, accelerates and brakes – and the gears are also changed automatically.

If on the other hand you prefer to take control then the reversing camera is your most important aid. It makes the rearward surroundings visible on the media display, supplementing the view with intuitively understandable guide lines, based on the steering angle, when reversing. Obstacles and kerbs which are not visible become clearly visible thanks to the different views. As such you don't need to be concerned about manoeuvring even into tricky parking spaces. In addition, when driving a car/trailer combination, the camera image makes it easier to approach and hitch up a trailer.


Parking package with 360° camera

Optimum parking service on board. Active Parking Assist with 360-degree camera makes it easier for you to find a parking space and to manoeuvre into and out of parking spaces. The choice is yours: thanks to all-round visibility you can park your vehicle yourself – or have your vehicle parked stress-free.

If you opt for assisted parking, Active Parking Assist helps with manoeuvring the vehicle into the selected parking space. As part of this the system can help you with various tasks relating to the parking process – starting with indicating and steering. In vehicles with automatic transmission, within limits it can even take over accelerating and braking for you, as well as changing gear. The same applies when it comes to subsequently manoeuvring out of the space – provided you used assisted parking beforehand.

If you wish to manoeuvre into and out of a parking space yourself, you can benefit from the all-round visibility of the reversing camera and three additional cameras. As such you see the surroundings in front of, alongside and behind your vehicle, on the media display. The camera image is understandable, and supplemented by guide lines based on the steering angle. Networking of all camera angles additionally enables a virtual bird's-eye view to be displayed. As such you can even handle narrower or angled parking spaces at the first attempt.



Sight and light.


Adaptive Highbeam Assist

You activate the system with an operating procedure and then benefit from the advantage of the large headlamp range. Whenever the Adaptive Highbeam Assist function is not registering any vehicles in front or any oncoming traffic it switches the main beam on. This means that you can see the road surface or any hazards more clearly. Plus: you do not need to keep changing over to low-beam headlamps yourself.


LED High Performance headlamps

The LED high-performance headlamps provide more safety at night and an unmistakable, distinctive look. LED technology illuminates the road ahead better than conventional headlamps – and it uses less energy. The adaptive tail lights featuring LED technology adjust their light intensity to the ambient conditions.



For your perfect vision: the adaptive MULTIBEAM LED headlamps employ individually controllable LEDs to react to the given traffic situation. Partial main beam omits other road users without dazzling them. ULTRA RANGE main beam increases the range to the permitted maximum. The Active Light System and cornering lights also optimally light up the field of vision.





AIR Body Control

With its continuously adjustable damping control on each individual wheel, AIR BODY CONTROL enables a particularly smooth ride. As such, you can drive in outstanding comfort, protect your back against avoidable loads and arrive more relaxed at your destination. In addition, the suspension automatically adjusts to different vehicle loads.


DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension with adjustable damping

One suspension – three set-ups: with DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL, you can choose between maximum agility and high damping comfort. To match the route and personal driving style. The agile-response, pinpoint Sports Direct-Steer system further supports your individual driving experience.



DYNAMIC SELECT changes the handling characteristics at the touch of a button. Use different drive modes which change the characteristics of the engine, transmission, suspension and steering, for example. Whether dynamic in Sport mode, highly relaxed in Comfort mode or particularly economical in ECO mode – you determine precisely what is important to you.



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