The new CLA Shooting Brake.

The new CLA Shooting Brake.

Play by your rules.

The CLA Shooting-Brake.

What exactly is a Shooting Brake?

The ideal combination for us: sporty and practical. Intelligent and stylish. One of a kind.



Breathtakingly inviting.

The perfect proportions of the new CLA Shooting Brake extend from the forward-inclined diamond radiator grille to the frameless doors and muscular shoulders to the distinctive rear end.
The interior design of the new CLA Shooting Brake combines technological power with sporty style. Highly sophisticated control and display features underline this character right down to the last detail. Here you can do what you want and be who you are.



Its drive is as sporty as its looks.

Makes the best of the road. You choose the setup at the push of a button and can even adjust the dampers if you wish. The optional AMG performance models turn up the fun factor to the max.


MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience)

Hey Mercedes.

These two words are all you need to start communicating with the new CLA Shooting Brake - almost as you would with a good friend. Using natural speech or without words - by means of touching or gestures.
Equipped with artificial intelligence, MBUX is able to note your preferences and learn from you. This covers things like your ideal temperature and your taste in music. MBUX can optionally also navigate you to any destination by means of speech and is sure to have a restaurant recommendation for you



As much design as you want. As much space as you need.

Longer and wider: the new CLA Shooting Brake.
The new space concept makes a clear statement: more room, more comfort.

Welcome to the new CLA Shooting Brake. Welcome to more headroom and more comfort at shoulder level. Furthermore, the increased boot space opens up new transport possibilities. And features such as KEYLESS-GO with HANDS-FREE ACCESS virtually do away with the need for a car key.

Exterior Highlights

Design always follows its own rules.

Try marching to a different tune again. With the new CLA Shooting Brake.


Widened track.

When viewed from the front, it is immediately apparent how the new CLA Shooting Brake sits particularly squarely and powerfully on its wheels. And the wide track is not just a visual statement. It also places the vehicle more squarely on the road and markedly improves cornering dynamics and straight-line stability.


Frameless doors.

The look and feel of freedom. The doors are frameless, lending them an inimitable elegance and lightness of touch. Normally exclusive to coupés, the new CLA Shooting Brake has adopted this feature in unique style.


Shooting brake design.

The new CLA Shooting Brake is unique. Why? It combines practicality with dynamic athleticism in inimitable style. The perfect proportions of the new CLA Shooting Brake extend from the forward-inclined diamond radiator grille to the frameless doors and muscular shoulders to the distinctive rear end.


Two-section rear lamps.

The lamps extend horizontally into the tailgate to lend the rear end a broad and powerful appearance. This additionally provides for a pleasantly wide load compartment opening, making it easier to load bulky luggage into the vehicle.


Muscular lines.

If we had to cite a design feature that best characterised the new CLA, it would have to be the muscular shoulders extending from the front wheels to the rear end.


Interior Highlights

Ready to feel perfectly at home?

You can fit out the new CLA just as you wish.


Cutting-edge interior in "wrap-around" design.

Indulge in a "cocooned" feeling. Smooth transitions between instrument panel, centre console and door trims create the pleasant "wrap-around" design. This is without parallel for this category of vehicle, as is the selection of trim elements and the ambient lighting featuring up to 64 colours to show off every detail to best advantage.


Widescreen Cockpit with touchscreen.

The optional Widescreen Cockpit consists of two HD displays behind a seamless glass panel. The media display on the right is a touchscreen which shows all infotainment content and vehicle settings. On the left is the traditional instrument cluster. Although in actual fact only the name is traditional here. Various display styles provide full scope for individual configuration.


Loading comfort.

Transport what you want. The load compartment of the new CLA Shooting Brake is even larger and more practical. And the generous boot capacity of up to 1370 litres offers plenty of space for all sorts of adventures.


Heated steering wheel.

A heated steering wheel is a rarity in this class of vehicle. But once you have one, you won't ever want to do without it again. Optional heating of the leather offers a blissfully warm welcome for cold hands on cold days.


Climate-controlled front seats.

Stay cool. In the new CLA Shooting Brake, all it takes is the push of a button. The optional climate-controlled front seats make hot days and nights even more enjoyable.


ENERGIZING packages.

Relaxed and in top shape at the end of a journey - this happens not by magic but courtesy of the ingenious optional ENERGIZING packages. Depending on the selected equipment, different comfort systems are combined to create precisely defined programmes. Light mood, music and optional massage seats, for example. The driver can select the different optional programmes conveniently via touch control.


Rewrite the rules of the road.
Experience the performance features of the new CLA Shooting Brake.



Headwind? Bring it on!

The new CLA Shooting Brake doesn't look this good for nothing. Its unique design cuts a fine figure in the wind tunnel, too, leaving very little area exposed to the wind, which for you means exceptionally low aerodynamic drag.
This reduces fuel consumption and noise while enhancing driving stability.


19-inch wheels

No need for these wheels to hide.

On the contrary: the new 48.3 cm (19-inch) wheels are here to stay and can conquer any road with a richer and more sporty driving feel.


Adaptive Damping System (ADS)

Suspension with adaptive damping adjustment.

If you so wish, the damping can adapt fully to your driving style and the road via the suspension settings and can actively support the CLA Shooting Brake's driving dynamics.
The individual components have been weight and noise-optimised to create an ideal combination of agile handling characteristics, driving safety and comfort.



Choose DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs at the touch of a button.

Sporty cornering, smooth cruising. The optional suspension with adaptive damping adjustment can be adjusted at the touch of a button.
The choice of drive programs covers ECO, Comfort, Sport and Individual. These programs are also available without the optional suspension with Adaptive Damping System.

Nice to meet you.

Digitisation makes so much possible. The most intuitive, cutting-edge way of operating a car, for example. Introducing the Mercedes-Benz User Experience.


MBUX Interior Assistant

One small move can change everything.

The MBUX Interior Assistant on board the new CLA Shooting Brake allows intuitive, non-contact gesture control of various comfort, convenience and MBUX functions. A integrated camera recognises movements which the driver and front passenger make with their hands and arms in the area of the touchscreen or touchpad and adapts the presentation on the media display in accordance with the given configuration. In addition there are personal favourite functions which can be selected by forming a "V" with your index finger and middle finger.


Augmented Video

Experience navigation in a new dimension.

The new CLA Shooting Brake sees the world with its own eyes. A specially developed camera can show the environment as a moving or still image live and in Augmented Reality on the multimedia system display, supplemented by virtual objects or markings. The new look makes it much easier to locate the navigation destination, for example.


LINGUATRONIC voice control system

You and the new CLA Shooting Brake: you'll get along perfectly.

The greatest advantage of the new CLA? It takes just two words - "Hey Mercedes" - for it to understand its occupants without having to learn commands beforehand. This means it can communicate in almost the same way that a human does. It can also read out, dictate and send text messages. You can ask it to check the weather at your destination, change the radio station or get you home by the fastest route.


Theme displays

Each drive in a unique world.

The optional theme displays allow preset moods to be conjured up for the new CLA Shooting Brake at the push of a button. The illustrations on the Instrument Display and media display adapt accordingly, as do the lighting mood and the drive mode. Best of all, the driver can program his or her own individual theme displays.


User Action Prediction

This partner doesn't miss a trick.

The artificial intelligence of the new CLA Shooting Brake makes each day a little bit better. It learns from and, above all, about its driver. It can also remember favourite songs and check the commute route for traffic hold-ups. Before the next trip it selects the right radio station automatically or finds the fastest route to the destination. This service is automatic and unprompted, but only if desired.

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