The new EQC.

The new EQC.

Electric now has a Mercedes.

The EQC.

EQC. The first word in a new design language.
The new EQC has avantgarde individual aesthetics. A symbol of progressive luxury. The clear, sensual and extremely reduced lines make it clear at first glance: this can only be the Mercedes among electric cars.

Light design

The new EQC solemnly takes in its surroundings in lightening speed. This is ensured by the standard MULTIBEAM LED headlamps with black high-gloss inner housing, trim lines in energy blue and an EQC-specific light design. The striking LED light bands at the front and rear are a fascinating eye-catcher, and draw attention particularly at night.

Front end

Pioneering mobility is written all over the face of the new EQC. Elements that used to be separated such as the headlamps and the radiator grille are now brought together in a fascinating black panel radiator grille. Standard-fit MULTIBEAM LED headlamps emphasise the high-tech look and feel with energy blue trim lines and an EQC light design.

AMG Line

The new EQC delivers smooth acceleration on a par with a sports car. And the optional AMG Line makes it look like one, too. A highlight is the distinct front in striking black. The equipment line also includes a specific front apron and a distinct rear diffuser as well as special light-alloy wheels from the AMG high-performance experts.

Wheel design

We've rethought almost everything for the EQC. Even the wheels. These feature an EQC-specific wheel design and are optionally available with blue EQC detailing.

Dynamic coupé-esque roofline

The new EQC is also our completely new take on SUV design. The roofline gently tapers off toward the rear. This enables dynamic optics with a pleasant amount of head space in the rear.



Edition 1886
The new EQC with exclusive premium equipment.
We are presenting the 1886 Edition to mark the launch of the EQC. A homage to the inventor of the automobile.

The special model with its own design concept.

The unique combination of a black front and 50.8 cm (20") light-alloy wheels with white decorative elements lets you know that the Edition 1886 is a very special EQC. In addition, a specific "1886" badge is attached to the wings.

The exterior components:

Black Panel radiator grille with louvres and surround in high-gloss black

Badge on the wing in high-gloss black with chrome stripes and blue "1886" lettering

50.8 cm (20-inch) 10-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in high-gloss black with white decorative elements and a high-sheen finish with matt clear coat

Metallic paint in high-tech silver

Aluminium-look running boards with rubber studs

Interior design

You can feel the fascination of the EQC in every detail.
Thanks to the almost imperceptible electric motor, you can enjoy the new progressive interior of the EQC even more. Many of the trim elements, upholstery material and colours were exclusively developed for the EQC and underscore its uniqueness.


EQC design features

In the interior of the new EQC, a totally new avantgarde electro-aesthetic awaits you. Characteristic air vents in unique EQ design are surrounded by metallic-galvanised surfaces. As a special highlight, a metallic trim piece surrounds the instrument panel and reaches in to the doors, thus creating a pleasant wrap-around effect.

You feel the thrill of electric mobility at first hand in the interior. Seat material in a lightly iridescent shade was developed exclusively for the EQC: Sunnyvale in indigo blue or silk beige, each in combination with black ARTICO man-made leather. In addition, elegant accents in rosé gold underscore the progressive luxury in the cockpit.


Ambient lighting

* You can watch your own mini-sunrise on every trip in the new EQC. Many areas of the interior can be stylishly illuminated as you wish. For this, there are 64 individually selectable colours as well as several colour schemes and effects available.

*Optional equipment.


Widescreen cockpit

The fully digital instrument display and the media display both have a screen diagonal of 26 cm (10.25") and together form a widescreen cockpit beneath an attractive glass panel. A uniquely sophisticated, high-quality look and feel. The information is shown in high resolution and in colour, augmented by elaborate animations. Furthermore, the content can be positioned as required and operated intuitively by touch or voice control.


Seat comfort with massage function

With the optional multicontour package, a comfort experience awaits you that takes account of you and your body down to millimetre precision. Two pulsating lordosis chambers in the lumbar region massage the back and can noticeably activate tired muscles.


Sliding sunroof

The electric glass sliding sunroof* allows more light and air into your vehicle. Even when closed, and especially when open, it lends a brighter ambience to the interior. When the sliding roof is open, there is a pleasant flow of fresh air with no draughts. A movable headlining gives protection from the sun.

*Optional equipment.


Edition 1886
Pioneering spirit everywhere the eye looks.

No where else do automotive history and future come so close together in the new EQC as in the Edition 1886. A badge on the centre console and embroidery in the backrest area of the front seats serve as a reminder of the inventor of the automobile. The exclusive seats in ARTICO man-made leather and DINAMICA microfibre in black/ indigo blue show just how modern the special model is.

Interior components:

Floor mats with embroidered "EQC" lettering
Door sill panels with EQC-specific lettering, illuminated
Upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather / DINAMICA microfibre in black / indigo blue with embroidered "1886" lettering in the seat backrests
Electrically adjustable driver's seat and front passenger seat with memory function
Matrix-look trim elements in silver
"1886" badge on the centre console
Burmester® surround sound system
Ambient lighting


There's no better place to recharge the batteries than in the new EQC.


Interior comfort
The stillness in the EQC. Perfect for enjoying this comfort.
In the new EQC, everything feels fascinatingly new and excitingly different. Even the level of comfort. This stillness alone creates an unexpected sense of regeneration. In addition, experience intelligent programmes which can actively help the drive to relax, as well as audiophile surround sound and MBUX Augmented Reality for navigation.


ENERGIZING package Plus*

The ENERGIZING package Plus is a new feature – it offers comfort at the highest level for all the senses. To this end, a maximum of premium features are combined with innovative intelligence. The exciting result: your Mercedes can vitalise and cosset you in specific ways. For prolonged alertness at the wheel and a very pleasant drive.

Exclusive comfort programmes of the ENERGIZING package Plus

Other included ENERGIZING comfort programmes:

Training: video guides, e.g. on loosening up the muscles (only available when stationary)
Tips: 3-minute audio features on how to promote your health and well-being on a lasting basis in daily driving; for the head, shoulders, upper body, lower back and pelvis
PowerNap: relaxation and energy in three phases (only for hybrid models or fully electric models, and only available when stationary; doors and boot must be closed)

Other functions: 

Multicontour seats for the driver and front passenger, with massage function
Seat climate control for the driver and front passenger, including seat heating and ventilation
AIR-BALANCE package for fragrancing, ionisation and filtering of the interior air
Ambient lighting with programme-specific lighting moods
*Optional equipment.


Massage seats*

The Multicontour Seat package adjusts the seat with more or less air in the seat side bolsters like a tailor-made suit. When you adjust the backrest bolsters so that they are particularly firm, this improves lateral support for sporty driving manoeuvres. Inflatable chambers in turn create a massage effect in the lumbar area. Your back will enjoy the appreciation it deserves.


Multicontour seats with inflatable air chambers in the lower backrest and in the side bolsters
Massage effect in the lumbar region through pulsating air chambers in the lumbar support
Electrically adjustable lumbar support provides additional support for the spine
Recommended by the AGR, a German spinal health organisation
*Optional equipment.


Burmester® surround sound system*

Experience more performance and exclusivity with the legendary Burmester sound. The high-performance speakers develop first-class surround sound. You can specifically optimise this for the front and rear seats to intensify the listening experience.


13 high-performance speakers precisely tailored to the vehicle interior to ensure well-balanced and dynamic music reproduction
9-channel DSP amplifier with a total output power of 590 W (7 x 50 watts and 2 x 120 watts) for maximum sound quality with high volume reserves
Frontbass technology with woofers integrated into the body shell for vibrant bass reproduction
Sound optimisation for the front and rear seats
Noise compensation (VNC)
Sound Preset: surround function to generate virtual surround sound
Multichannel support for true surround sound
*Optional equipment.

MBUX Augmented Video Navigation

To enable you to find your way in complex traffic situations, MBUX connects augmented reality for navigation with the real world. The technology incorporates graphical navigation instructions and traffic information into live images. You can get to your destination quickly, safely and stress-free.

A camera in the windscreen films the area in front of the vehicle. This recording runs in the media display. Highlighted, superimposed information such as house numbers, street names above all facilitate orientation at the destination. In addition the system assists you at traffic lights. If you are at the front, it superimposes the current traffic light status, thereby saving you from troublesome contortions when waiting for the green light.


Air conditioning system

The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system with 3 climate zones and 3 climate styles provides an individual feel-good atmosphere on board. The driver and front passenger are able to set the temperature, air distribution and climate style to suit their personal needs. The third climate zone is in the rear – with separately adjustable temperature and airflow.


Air Balance package*

The AIR BALANCE Package provides an individual fragrance in the interior – in line with your personal preference and mood. Thanks to refreshing ionisation and filtering of the outside and interior air, it also helps to ensure improved air quality and a greater sense of well-being.

The intensity of the fragrancing can be controlled according to your wishes. The fragrance is discreet, given off gently and rapidly dissipated after switching off. The smell of the interior is not permanently changed, nor are the perfume molecules of the Mercedes-Benz room fragrances deposited on interior fabric surfaces or your clothing. You can charge the fragrance generator in the glove compartment with room fragrances from the Mercedes-Benz Accessories range. The AIR BALANCE Package comes with a fragrance matching the character of your vehicle.

The AIR BALANCE Package also ionises the air in the interior. It does this by enriching the air with negative oxygen ions. That has no less than two positive effects: You breathe fresher air, and at the same time certain unhealthy viruses, bacteria and spores are removed. Fine particles are removed from the exterior and interior air by a filtering system with activated charcoal filter: sulphur dioxides, nitrogen oxides and aromatic hydrocarbons are thereby adsorbed. The same applies to odorous substances generated in agriculture.


Fragrance generator with filled fragrance flask and function cap in the glove compartment
Oxygen ioniser in the side air duct
Improved filter system between the air conditioner's intake and air distribution system
*Optional equipment.


MBUX multimedia system
The future belongs to electric drive. And human intuition.
Discover an all-new control experience with the MBUX multi-media system: understanding, capable of learning and touch-sensitive like never before.


You do not have to be sitting in the EQC in order to retrieve numerous vehicle data.
You can also retrieve a lot of data, for example the remaining electric range, from outside the vehicle via your smartphone or your smartwatch. You can even use these to programme the pre-entry climate control so that you are welcomed to a nice warm or a pleasantly cool ambience.


Electric driving according to Mercedes-Benz safety standards.


The driver assistance systems in the EQC point the way to autonomous driving.
Latest generation driver assistance systems can warn the driver depending on the situation, support him or her and even react automatically, for example to maintain the distance to the car in front, the speed or remain in lane, thus making life significantly easier for the driver.


Active Speed Limit Assist*

If desired, the system can automatically assume the speed limits from Traffic Sign Assist as the set speed for the Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
and in so doing adjust the speed to the speed limit that currently applies.

*Optional equipment.


Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC*

DISTRONIC provides continuous support by automatically regulating the speed and distance, and depending on the equipment line, includes the Active Speed Limit Assist,
prolonged gradient restart in traffic and the route-based speed adjustment with end-of-tailback recognition.

*Optional equipment.



In an impending rear impact, rapidly blinking rear hazard warning lights help to ensure that drivers following behind are alerted. The reversible belt tensioners are activated in an anticipatory manner.
The stationary vehicle is immobilised by the brakes. On the one hand, this reduces rolling forward and therefore the forces acting on the passengers – on the other, this reduces the risk of secondary accidents.

*Optional equipment.

Evasive Steering Assist*

Evasive Steering Assist can help with carrying out controlled evasive manoeuvres when detecting a risk of collision with crossing pedestrians:
The system supports the driver with precisely calculated steering torque and then straightens the steering wheel again. Available in a speed range from 20 to 70 km/h

*Optional equipment.


Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC*

With perpendicular parking spaces the system helps you with manoeuvring forwards or reversing into the space, while with parallel parking spaces it helps you with reversing into the space.
And if the Active Parking Assist has carried out this procedure for you it also supports you in the opposite direction when leaving the space again.

*Optional equipment.


Driver assistance systems
Latest generation driver assistance systems.
The EQC supports you in almost every driving situation to relieve you on longer trips in particular.

Driving Assistance package+

Take to the road leading to autonomous driving: the latest systems support you based on the situation with speed adjustment, steering, changing lane, and even when there is a risk of a collision. The risk of an accident is reduced – passengers and road users are effectively protected. This way you are able to reach your destination relaxed and safe.


Exclusive components and/or functions which are only available with the Driving Assistance package are marked with an asterisk (*):

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC (233)
Active Speed Limit Assist* (546)
Extended restart function on motorways*
Route-Based Speed Adjustment with end of tailback function*
Active Steering Assist*
Active Lane Changing Assist*
Active Emergency Stop Assist with SOS function*
Emergency lane function*
Active Braking Assist* 
Cornering and Cross-Traffic function*
Congestion emergency braking function*
Evasive Steering Assist*
Active Lane Keeping Assist (238)

Active Blind Spot Assist* (237)
Exit warning function
Pedestrian warning function in the area around zebra crossings*

*Optional equipment.


Active Lane Keeping Assist

Gets you back on track: Active Lane Keeping Assist can warn you by means of steering wheel vibrations if you inadvertently drive over lane markings. In situations of danger, the system can also intervene actively by means of one-sided braking and guide you back into your lane.


Blind Spot Assist*

Blind Spot Assist takes a very close look for you – in particular as soon as you actuate the turn indicator. The system is thus able to give you a visual and audible warning of side collisions with other road users in the blind spot. After your trip, the system still remains alert and warns you if you open the door at the wrong time.

*Optional equipment.


Traffic Sign Assist*

Keeping an eye out for you: thanks to intelligent linking of camera and map data, Traffic Sign Assist is not only able to detect speed limits, overtaking restrictions and when they are lifted. It also shows no entry restrictions and warns you against incorrectly entering roads against the flow of traffic.

*Optional equipment.


Active Speed Limit Assist*

Active Speed Limit Assist helps you to observe the stipulated speed limit, even in unclear situations. A camera detects speed limits, which the Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC automatically adopts and sets as the speed – for enhanced safety and comfort when driving.

*Optional equipment.

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