Mercedes me Overview

My Mercedes-Benz and me.

"Welcome to your personal area: your Mercedes-Benz, your contracts, your services and more besides, all available in digital form and centrally accessible from your own personal area."

Let your personal digital assistant help you with your Mercedes-Benz in your mobile world:

  • Always informed. About your Mercedes-Benz and everything associated with it. Tyre pressure: perfect! Fuel tank: nearly full!
  • Off to new places: you can send all manner of destinations directly to your vehicle from your smartphone.
  • Relax on the road. Calmly complete your fist conference call during your journey as the navigation system plots the optimum route to your next meeting.
  • All-in-one service package: never miss a service appointment, book your service appointment conveniently online.

The best way to your destination – with Mercedes me.

"I've got better things to do than sit in a traffic jam."

With Mercedes me you'll always take the best way to your destination, whether it's your rush hour commute or a motoring holiday.
Even before you set off you know that you will arrive on time and be able to avoid roadworks and congestion. Once there, you've no need to waste time looking for somewhere to park. And if you don't happen to have your own Mercedes-Benz where you are, Mercedes me will help you find the best alternative to keep you mobile.
Full descriptions of all services can be found in the log-in area of Mercedes me.

Support you can depend on.

"Flexible, reliable and individual."

Relax and enjoy your journey while your Mercedes-Benz transmits information about upcoming maintenance tasks directly to your Mercedes-Benz Service Partner. Keep your mind free for the really important things in life.
And if anything should go wrong, your vehicle will contact our emergency call centre direct and pass on the exact position of your vehicle and the number of occupants, as well as information about the status of your vehicle. If need be, emergency call data can be relayed immediately to a public European emergency call centre and the appropriate effective action taken. Full descriptions of all services can be found in the log-in area of Mercedes me.